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POS-Alpha is an excellent solution for management of books & stationery retail business. Books & stationery retailers have to keep large number of books from different publishers and authors. Stationery items are also in large number and have to be managed. As the number of books or products increases, the inventory management becomes more critical and complex. Sometimes we have to set customer specific prices for bulk buyers. Customer invoicing should be done efficiently to keep them happy and satisfied.

POS-Alpha has proven track record of helping Books & stationery retailers in their growth and increased profitability

Some key benefits which Books & Stationery retail business get by using POS-Alpha are listed below:

  • You can plan all your operations including purchasing, discounting, inventory management for respective publishers and authors
  • You are provided with tools to analyze your sales from different aspects and get detailed insight in top selling books or authors
  • You get full control over your retail operations and provide service to customers which keep them coming back again and again
  • Extremely easy-to-learn and easy-to-use retail solution where point of sale and inventory management is fully integrated.
  • You can program customer specific prices, apply price and discount change on the point of sale for authorized personal
  • You can customize the point of sale to best fit your specific requirements and business need through simple user interface
  • POS-Alpha helps you to make your business more profitable through minimizing shrinkages and controlled expenses.


POS-Alpha is currently being used in more than 5 countries and we have had more than 10 successful installations up-to June 2016. Our Team is providing 24/7 hours support to our clients. 

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